John C. Gagliardi, Ph.D., ASA, ASTM, INCE   

Before joining us full-time, John was Technical Director for Technicon Acoustics from 2002 to 2016. Technicon Acoustics is a manufacturer of acoustical materials and an ISO 17025-accredited acoustical testing laboratory. At Technicon, John led the acoustic material product development and operation of the acoustical laboratory.

John has also gained a strong foundation as an acoustical consultant, research investigator, and testing laboratory operator while at Orfield Laboratories from 1998-2002. He has extensive experience in laboratory testing of materials and a wide variety of acoustical consulting projects, including product development and teaching a course in architectural acoustics at the University of Minnesota.

John has published papers in the Applied Acoustics Journal, the Journal of Engineering Mathematics, the International Journal for Numerical Methods in Fluids,  proceedings of Noise-Con and Inter-Noise, and the SAE Noise and Vibration Conference Proceedings. In addition, he has served as session chair for ASA, INCE, and SAE conferences.

John has been a presenter for short courses in noise and vibration for Saab and Volvo in Trollhattan, Sweden, and on Sound Quality for Bruel & Kjaer in Naerum, Denmark.

Marquette University
42 Graduate Semester Hours in Acoustics since Ph.D. from Penn State, Purdue, U of Minnesota, and U of Michigan

Technical Society Activities:
Acoustical Society of America
North Carolina Chapter ASA
Chair 2009-11
Institute of Noise Control Engineering
Society of Automotive Engineers
 Former Member

Standards Activities
SAE Acoustical Materials Committee 95-98, 14-16
ANSI Sound Quality 95-02
ASTM International E33, 05-pres
E33.02 Secretary 10-11
E33.05 Task Group Chair 10-11

Contact Information:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 919-858-0899 Ext 11 

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