Jim Brawley has been designing sound systems and room acoustics for all types of venues for over 20 years.  He taught classes in sound system, and room acoustics design to dealers of sound system equipment as the Professional Products Applications Engineer for JBL Professional Products, Inc.  Special design projects for JBL included a central loudspeaker cluster for the Hollywood Bowl, the development of an automatic mixing system, and creating a format for a new line of motion picture theater loudspeaker systems.   

Jim founded James S. Brawley & Associates, Inc. in 1981.  His consulting activities since then have included educational facilities (universities and K-12 schools), worship spaces, amphitheaters, courtrooms, auditoriums, motion picture theaters, home theater systems, arenas, stadiums, drama theaters, production studios, and conference centers. Notable projects have included large rock concert systems for artists such as Paul McCartney, Phil Collins, the Rolling Stones, Willie Nelson, Diana Ross, and Reba McIntyre.  In 1987, he designed a sound system to cover 500,000 listeners for the Papal Mass in San Antonio, Texas.  This and the rock concert systems were the subjects of two presentations at conferences of the Audio Engineering Society.


  • BS in Physics - 1971, Clemson University
  • Graduate Studies in Acoustics - 1972, Catholic University of America

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Acoustical Society of America

Audio Engineering Society

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Phone: 864-654-5539

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