Some interesting history of acoustics, acousticians, and acoustical consulting.  You may be surprised to find where the CIA started and who really invented and built the Internet.

History of the Acoustical Society of America

Riverbank Acoustical Laboratories built for W. C. Sabine by an eccentric character with an interest in cryptography  and acoustical levitation

J.C.R Licklider, President of ASA, has this idea about computers talking to one another

There was this acoustical consulting firm, Bolt Beranek and Newman that developed expertise in linking computers together and invented the modem. When Licklider convinced the Army to build a computer network, BBN was there to build the beginning of the internet and to develop the email system as we know it today. 

The ARPANET forerunner of the Internet

The First Email

Leo Beranek - Oral History Interview 1996

Leo Beranek - Oral History Interview 2 2005

Sound Recording Research at Bell Laboratories

Lansing Heritage - Biography of J. B. Lansing

US EPA Noise History