These are links to organizations of people with strong opinions about what they perceive to be noise, and active in fighting increases in noise.

Beware that the leaders of these organizations have apparently strong sensitivities to noise.  They may consider sounds that you consider to be normal to be noise.  These sites do not always provide a balanced picture of appropriate noise control for all situations.   You may strongly agree or disagree.  Note that some post comments from people who strongly disagree.  These sites may help you understand the strong opinions that exist concerning noise

We are not endorsing these sites.  We provide the links as a service so you can be aware that such organizations exist. 

The Noise Pollution Clearinghouse in particular has a very good library of potentially helpful information for anyone involved in noise control.  This organization has been moving more into the mainstream in recent years.  It provides resources to people dealing with noise problems.

Noise Pollution Clearinghouse

Noise Free America

Right to Quiet

US Citizens Aviation Watch